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This group arose within St Andrew's following a visit by two of our members to India in 2009. While visiting the northern Indian town of Kangra, it was noted that there was a hostel with a desperate need for funds. The hostel has been established to accommodate girls from the lowest caste, whose families could not usually afford to send them from their remote villages to receive an education. In 2009, the hostel was half empty because there were insufficient funds to support more girls from poor families. Thus, when our travellers returned to Australia, NISG was established to assist in raising funds to allow more girls the opportunity to receive an education, secure accommodation, and adequate food and clothing. With support from Emu Plains and Blackheath Uniting churches, and Lower Mountains Rotary, funds have been raised so that, we now support ten girls in a project that has been going for over three years. NISG is involved in other projects, including the selling of handicrafts made by destitute village women in North India.
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