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Greenthumbs is a gardening group open to any member of the local or church community interested in growing plants. Greenthumbs meets on the 4th Saturday afternoon of each month (other than December and January). It is an informal group, with a different activity for each meeting, including visits to the gardens of members, specialist growers, local nurseries and other places of interest. Speakers on gardening matters are sometimes arranged and demonstrations held. There is an opportunity at each meeting for all types of gardening issues to be discussed and for all types of gardening issues to be discussed and for cuttings and seeds to be swapped. There is no age limit and at present we have members ranging in age from 8 to the early 90s! As an associated activity, Greenthumbs raises money for overseas gardening, fruit and vegetable growing, and livestock farming projects in countries where families have need of start-up or development resources.
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